Under our night light

Prise god to the moon
Look at you,
So magnificent so gargantuan
So marshmallow like
From far away
Prise god to the moon,
God made that moon
Aye The same god that made that moon
Made me
What a consistent

How we,
help each other keep balance
On our push and pull
waves put gravity
Praise got to that,
So old
Odd shaped
Craters crack
Holes in your surface
without you
Would be nothing
With you
Night dreaming of miss truth
Seem much more

romantic, as if we already had our umbrella set for our picnic eye to eye in your green goblins, praying my hands aren’t to sweaty to touch your juicy fruit
So I hope one day
you don’t crash Into earth
all of suddent
Acid rain melting umbrellas
Sirens sounding
Crash boom!!!
Taking the only light left for our picnic

Reminding me of fantasy and.       “what’s real”
That was a dope ass dream,
Seems to me
One day this could really happen
Know like seriously, Maybe